Monday, October 31, 2011

Did you say Cake?

I told you guys that I would be posting a little more and little wider than just wedding planning. So I just wanted to share with you one of my new hobbies.
I discovered that I was getting increasingly interested in cake decorating, mainly watching these amazing bakers on "Ace of Cakes" and similar shows on TLC. Not sure how I started googling cake decorating, and there I was watching youtube instructional videos, and reading all sorts of material cake related.

I then started longing for the perfect opportunity to give it a try. After a few weeks of reading and learning, mainly practicing in my mind, I decided to challenged myself and make an engagement party cake. Thing is, I didn't say a word to anyone until the day before the actual party, when I was one step away from being done with the cake.

I decided to make a 3-tier pink and purple cake, with the top tier shaped as a heart. I made the fondant 2 days before, baked the cake the evening before, and assembled and decorated it the day of. I woke up that morning very excited, not knowing whether I would need to throw the whole thing away or if it would look like something that was worth being displayed and eaten at such an important party. Then I just thought to myself I was crazy to even attempt such a thing. Why did I not start by making a smaller cake and tried my hand at decorating in a simple and easy way?

When I had shared my idea with my husband, he himself did not believe I would be able to make it and he lovingly said "I have to see it to believe it". He thought I would chicken out. And my sisters and aunties just laughed at me... that is until they saw this:

Yup!!! I did it!!! It really was a working progress as in, a mess the whole time, especially in my head, as my ideas and my inspiration were constantly changing. I wasn't sure what the end result would be and really, the colors and the shape of the cake as well as the details of the decoration took their final shape when I was done with it!! It was a huge success especially because it was a surprise gift. 
I have now decided to let friends and family now that this is what I do and I am willing to make free cakes (as long they pay for the price of the ingredients) so that I get a real opportunity to practice the skills I am slowly learning, until I get confident enough to maybe... sell? Who knows...

For details, it was a red velvet, yellow and chocolate fondant cake with vanilla buttercream icing. It was surprisingly and absolutely delicious. 
The cake is far from perfect but me thinks it looks pretty good for a first time. Don't you think??

This was made about a month ago, since then I have made another cake, this past weekend for my auntie's birthday, I'll share pictures with you in another post! Before that, here are a few more pics of my baby cake.

the cake (viewed from the back) chilling in the fridge, waiting to get picked up!

The front part of the cake

the heart-shaped top tier with a beautiful purple bow

the back of the cake (a friend said the top looked like boobs 0 _ o  )

Adding finishing touches after transferring it from the turntable.


HoneyDame said...

OMG, I can see why u said you have a feeling tyou'll be making my cake next year...Lawd Jesus!!! Where are u based?! Next year birthday is too far away jare...Let's just celebrate life...where are you based o!
Oh velvet and sister will have a cardiac arrest!

sasi_malia said...

LOL, celebrate life indeed!!! You are absolutely right lol, Did you read Madame Sting last post about her being on call for an Autopsy viewing and her thoughts about death and how we should enjoy life? You are absolutely right LOL! Well, right now you on the other side of the globe... come back to us and we'll see what we can do lol. I'm in Maryland (in the DC burbs).
LOL, wait until you see the inside of my last cake... lol! Tell your sister to please not die prematurely, she has to wait for my cake lol.

Missy Tee's said...

Cake cake cake cake......J'adore cake. Kindly post mine would you Sasi_malia?

sasi_malia said...

@Missy Tee, Tu adores cake??? Just make your order nahh. It's free for friends ooo, take advantage before I start getting overbooked lol!

Madame Sting said...

Pretty cake. Look great for a first attempt. Did u have any experience with cake decorating before this?

sasi_malia said...

@Madame Sting, Thanks mama! No I didn't have any experience in cake decorating before this, other than spreading melting chocolate on simple cakes trying to copy my mom back when I was a teenager. I just watched a lot of instructional videos and read alot. I don't get that much practice so the learning curve is def not steep lol.

DMC luv said...

Good day Sasimalia!! :) Thank you very much for refering my blog on blogs you love. I really appricte it! :)

sasi_malia said...

You welcome DMC Luv!!! Hope to see you pop in here more often!!!

Anonymous said...

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