Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Bridal Outfit

 Hello guys!!!

 Here is the post I promised on my wedding outfits. But before I get started with that, I thought I would share with you guys that I decided to blog on more than just wedding planning.

Initially when I started this blog, it was mainly for me to be able to document my progress and share tips and money saving tricks on planning a simple African wedding on a budget. I thought it could be useful for somebody out there and that maybe it could serve as a platform to communicate with other women who have been through or are preparing to go through that.

With time I'm realizing that I would not know what other purpose my blog would serve once I'm done covering the wedding planning. The other thing is that I loooove writing, and although my husband had been suggesting for quite a while that I start blogging, I just did not know how to start writing to an unsoliciting and invisible audience.
Having spent a couple months on Blogsville and following many blogs has allowed me to enter a world where people are sooo the image of one another, funny, caring, passionate, generous, talented, and soooo different yet very similar to me They sound sooo much like people around me in real life!! They follow each other, encourage one another, visit each other's blogs and comment on them, they suggest, they cheer up; Blogsville seems like an interesting place to be especially when like me, you like to keep to yourself, and you don't have a long list of close friends.

Anyways, I'm quite happy to be making this little change. I feel like I will have tons of things to say about any and everything and that might make me come back and post more often.

Alright so now back to my wedding outfits. As you may know from my wedding inspiration post, my main outfit was going to be royal blue and gold.
Here is a better picture of the fabric.

I ended up opting for a long mermaid style skirt that was designed and sewn by my amazing tailor. She's a very nice and caring lady from Ivory Coast (where I grew up). Her rates are very very affordable, and if you live in the Washington DC area and would like to have her info, I'll be more than happy to share it with you. She made all of our outfits, my husband's and mine, as well as some of my in-law's and the uniformed outfits for the women of my family.

Here is the skirt.

This is the fabric that I found for what would the top. It's light goldish with some shade of silver. I love that it is not too "bling bling" yet it's very "royal". Because of the shiny and glittery texture of my materials I opted for a very simple design for the top.

Here is the top.

And this is what it looks altogether!

I received a lot of compliments, and I still do up until now. I love the fact that nobody has the same outfit as me. It's original yet very traditional.
And I managed to keep it top secret!!
Friends and acquaintances kept asking me what I would wear and I kept responding very vaguely  "Something simple oo, you know me nah, I'm not complicated. My aunt is taking care of it" giving them a feeling that I did not really care to look good. So I know for sure that most people (except my sisters) who had spoken to me thought my look would be a disaster, especially with the fact that I made a point to neglect my appearance a little bit the last couple of months before the wedding. And to be honest, this blog was the only place I could let me excitement show.

Upcoming, I'll post about the accessories that helped to complete my look with that outfit, as well as a close up of my makeup.


HoneyDame said...

Talented is too subtle a word to describe you and it doesnt hurt that you are very beautiful...
Your face and physique definitely did justice to the outfit or maybe the outfit did justice to your face and physique...tres belle!

sasi_malia said...

@HoneyDame, awwww you are sooo sweet!!! We are just trying to copy those wealthy and beautiful people on bellanaija lol. Illusion of a day ooo, you should see me right now, with my bare scalp and my wrapper tied all the way to my chest like an old village woman and another one over my shoulders. You would change you mind quick quick LOL.

Mikki said...

this was soo cute... I need more time to explore your blog...

Definite followed!!

Congrats on your nuptials...
#Sigh..I love love... what a beautiful thing.

Its amazing how you manage to keep your posts/blogs so organized...
We must chat in the future!

MrsNdem said...

@Mikki, awww, thats so nice of you to say. Well for the posts, not sure, Blogger does it all for me lol. Your blog hop idea is such a good one!