Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Bridal Makeup

Okay so I had nothing to do with the makeup at all at all at all, lol. Denike did an extraordinary job, and I just told her I wanted some pink on my lips and some of my theme colors on my eyes but she was pretty much free to do whatever she wanted. I trusted her entirely because she a very talented professional makeup artist. She is the one who also tied my headtie.

Denike is also a wedding planner, her company Glow Event Managements does excellent work. She is based in Bowie, Maryland but traveled almost an hour to come do my makeup.
Visit her website here and her company's facebook page, search "iloveyourglow".

It was really comforting to know I could trust her entirely because I had been in contact with her over the telephone  a few times and she was never rushed to hang up (like a few I had called), she listened to me blabbing and we talked about things other than business. She is beautiful inside and let me tell you she is a hottie too, I discovered she had competed  and won a beauty pageant in Nigeria. Anyhow here are the pics (which she took) after she was done dolling me up!

Makeup by and copyright to Glow Event Managements. 

Makeup by and copyright to Glow Event Managements.


Missy Tee's said...

You go girl! Your headtie is called satelite dish. You look nice darl!

HoneyDame said...

Nawa o!! see how you are looking soo preetyful!
I am so relieved that there was at least something you stayed out of! You must be full of boundless energy! Mr Ndem must be really very lucky sha!

sasi_malia said...

@Missy Tee, thank you ooo mama, we are only trying ooo.
@HoneyDame, Thanks sweetie, yeah i couldnt do that one lol. I had to choose my battle. I thought if people are comfortable and are fed well, they will be less disposed to talk about my makeup lol. I don't know if Mr Ndem knows that oooo, let me make sure I remind him that he is lucky ***dialing out***
My sister, wedding day is unique, I had to give it my all.

Priscy said...

your makeup suits you, your headtie is beautiful and you my dear, you are looking awesome. cheers to you.

sasi_malia said...

Thanks Priscy, I have no credit to this whatsoever. The makeup artist did an excellent job.