Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Decorated table (Pics) - Glasses, Napkins and Final Look

Hey all!!!

I have not posted in nearly 3 months despite the fact that this blog is really my baby lol. There are a few reasons for that.

For one, I am a little superstitious and although I love sharing gists and knowledge, for some reason, in this case, I felt like sharing too much might affect the outcome of it all.
You might think it's silly and thinking about it, it is lol. But I felt the need to conceal a little bit of the preparations until a little while after the wedding.
The superstitious side of me was running paranoiac and was whispering with a naughty voice and a little sarcastic grin that someone out there with bad intentions might see all that's getting planned and turn it into a disaster... Any of you brides (past or soon-to-be) feel/felt like that with all or part of the wedding planning?

Anyhow, today let me share with you my vision of the way I wanted the setting at each table to be:

  • Silverware: You already know how the royal blue and gold wrapped silverware would presented. (See the silverware post)
  • I purchased royal blue and gold napkins that I wanted to used for serving food and beverages but it turned out that although they were relatively cheap (50 for about a couple dollars, 3 dollar something), going to Costco (or any wholesale member club grocery store) I realized that was NOT a bargain when you find 2000 napkins for under $6. Plus I thought people won't care that I am on budget, they will use the napkins anyhow they will, wiping their nose, their makeup, spitting bones in it etc. lol. So I decided to buy just enough blue and gold napkins for the glasses.
  • The glasses: I believe I mentioned that I was going single use all the way??? I'm not here to wow anybody ooo. People would only be wowed by how happy I, my husband and our family will be, the warmth, the joy and the atmosphere, not the expensive fancy glasses ooo. Economic recession LOL. Anyways, the glasses are single use 6oz plastic wine glasses in which I folded 1 blue and 1 gold napkins. Correction: I didn't fold the napkins lol. I watched videos of different folding styles and I just couldn't get the hang of it, plus it just was not cutting it with paper napkins. So I just decided to try something. I layered a blue napkin on top of a gold napkin with alternating angles and stuffed them in a glass by the center and I loooooved it!!! It took 30 seconds per glass!!! My sisters, let me tell you something: less is often more!
  • Finally, I ordered royal blue napkins with our names and wedding date engraved in gold. It sounds a lot fancier than it actually looks lol!

Here is the final result!! I loved it. Simple, easy to do, cheap and still classy, me thinks? Do you agree?

What I did is that I set it up on the dining room table just the way I wanted it to be and I took pictures for my sisters and friends to replicate exactly the day of the wedding.

Do-It-Yourself rocks, girls!!! I cannot tell you how it feels when you enter that venue and everything looks exactly like you wanted, and knowing that you did almost all the work yourself!!!


HoneyDame said...

Very nice....very very nice!

sasi_malia said...

HoneyDame, thank you dear. Decoration is an art that can be learned and even faked with a little bit of hardwork, good friends, smart choices and great deals lol!! Wait til you see the final results!!