Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The venue on the "D" day!

Hey all!!!

So this is when everything comes together and either it works or it doesn't! For some reason I was quiet and confident, silently praying that everything goes well. For one I was still busy cooking (I cooked for 2 days straight with 1h30 sleep), and people have commented that it's rather sad that a bride has to cook on her day. For me it was a joy and a pleasure to make sure that everything would exactly like I wanted tastewise.
Anyways, my sisters, cousins, big sisters and aunties went to the venue early in the morning with pictures of what the decoration was supposed to look like - our home decoration trial - (the pictures in the previous post), and armed with the decoration materials all boxed and organized and... they did a fabulous job!!!

See my ideas coming together through the hands of the people I love the most!!!

PS: Upcoming next is an update on my wedding outfits. Stay tuned!!!

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HoneyDame said...

i am still amazed at how u managed to stay on top of things without crashing!