Saturday, July 9, 2011

Decorated Table: the silverware (pics)

So like I had mentioned, I had bought silverware from an online store. They are the plastic silver-looking type. I got them because for 1, they are cheap, 2 they look like real silverware and that look I thought was important for an overall feel of elegance, 3 they are convenient, when we are done, all goes to the trash, not cleaning involved, and no complications with the rental company (deposit, counting etc. etc.). I realize I wouldn't have enough of them when the store rep called and told me that they had some of what I wanted on back order. I just drove to Costco and added what I needed.

So following the same Gold and Blue theme, I got some blue and gold sating lined organza ribbon. Not sure how exactly it was going to work I just kept browsing the internet for ideas until I found this

and this

So I thought I would reproduce a hybrid of both ideas. Since my tablecloths would be white, blue and gold ribbon-wrapped silverware would definitely be an added plus in terms of color on the table and the overall look.

So here is my version.

and Voila!!
There will be more blue than gold because I have more gold decoration than blue so I would like the colors to even out (even though royal blue is a little "louder" than gold especially on white).

Don't you think it's pretty and elegant and definitely less boring than lonely silverware?


HoneyDame said...

Wow, I am impressed by your thinking on a budget!!!

sasi_malia said...

LOL, my sista I'm a do-it-yourself kind of person all the way. I was even thinking of making my own wedding cake but I ended up cooking alot for my wedding (I'm a perfectionist when it comes to food) so no time for that!
Why spend so much money for one day when you can cut out expenses by doing some things yourself especially if you enjoy it?!