Monday, November 7, 2011


I haven't been a blogger for that long, and I'm already loving swerving through blogs and reading more interesting and versatile content that I would on boring websites and social network sites.
Thus said... let me introduce to you blogs that I absolutely love... I'm awarding them the Versatile Blogger Award for interesting and eclectic content written in a simple, very light and entertaining style.

  • Letters to my Unborn Daughter by Mrsnewlywed who blogs anonymously but shares thoughts and both beautiful and painful events of her personal life as a way to inspire, encourage and educate other women/men who might be going through the same situations. It's truly letters from the heart.
  • The Smile of A Nigerian Scorpio by Madame Sting who is a med student. She blogs about various things and let us into her hectic and demanding student life. I am amazed that she still has time and dedication to blog and I truly command her ambition, perseverance and tenacity. I also love her slightly spicy sense of humor and how she frequently laughs at herself! She is truly a talented and eloquent writer.
  • NaijaWed N More by Knaijaqueen is a lovely wedding blog which features wedding pictures and articles as well as video clips from celebrities and commoners traditional, white wedding, engagement parties and photo shoots. The author just got married herself!! Congrats Knaijaqueen!!
  • Dans ma Cuisine by DMC Luv is an appetizing food blog where the author shares meals from her kitchen inspired by her Cameroonian heritage. I lover her modern twist on Cameroonian dishes and her rendition of traditional food is really really enticing!!! Let yourself discover Cameroonian cuisine!!!
  • Modern African Cuisine by 9jaFOODie is another food blog that has quite a following. The author takes excellent pictures which truly reflect the "spirit" of the actual dish especially when it comes to more traditional meals and of course she generously lets us in some of her daily healthy meals.
  • Missy Tee's Blog by Missy Tee who is an event planner and also has another blog dedicated to her event planning company. On Missy Tee's Blog, she shares her thoughts and opinions about various things, people or situations.
  • Priscysworld by Priscy where she shares situations around her and her opinion on them. I also love the way she always has little stories that have a full cup of wisdom to them and help us reflect on who we are and what we should value. Keep it up Priscy!!!
These following blogs are new to me, I just recently discovered them and have not had time to really read up and get a sense of what they are about although I already following. So here you are bloggers I barely know (just yet), you somehow attracted me to your blog so enjoy the award!!


HoneyDame said...

Missy Tee is an event planner? What is her other blog? I dint know she is o. I am checking out DMC right away. Knaija wed is on a bookmark already....hehehehehe...all things wedding and food make me happy!

Priscy said...

woooaaaw!! sasi_malia. thanks dahling I salute

Uche (@UcheAnne) said...

Ooh, thanks!


MrsNdem said...

@HoneyDame, Well, that's what her description of herself says. I have checked her other blog too, it looks like she is slowly developing that business and it's taking roots. LOL, I know right, wedding and food, just a good combo for the eyes, the heart and the tummy...LOL

@Priscy, you welcome mama!! Thanks for ur support!!

@Uche... you welcome!!! You deserve it, you are a talented writer!!!

Madame Sting said...

Thanks Lady! Much appreciated. The secret to my having time to blog is that.....ermmm other than school, somebody doesn't have a life and is always in front of a computer :)

MrsNdem said...

@Madame Sting, no ooo, don't even act like it's because you don't have a life outside of school. School is sucking up your whole life and you still have the strength to fight AND you are talented! You could be simply watching naija movies ooo, that doesn't require too much brain power (even though watching part 1 and part 2, then the return of part 1 and 2 and final the final return of part 3 and 4, can be draining). But your posts are always refreshing because of that minty sense of humor of yours. Plus comon, u gotta have some sort of inspiration and motivation to keep blogging like you do! I'm ur number one fan ooo!

DMC luv said...

Thank you Lady, very much appreciated, needless to say i wasn't familiar with the award thingy till now so i didn't even know where to respond. Thanks very much for the support. Gros Bisous. DMC Luv 'DANS MA CUISINE'.