Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feedback on "Giving Yourself" and Misc.

I received a lot of feedback on the previous post about how much a woman should give herself in a relationship such as marriage. A lot of your responses went in the direction of what I thought: There is way toooo much emphasis in the way we are raised and conditioned in general as African women into perfecting household and kitchen duties while other areas that are as important are being a little bit overlooked. People tend to quickly label a woman as a good wife if her house looks cleans, she can whip up delicious meals, she can be a welcoming hostess and shows respect and agreement with her husband publicly. I believe it's rather reducing even though those are some of the qualities African men and their mother look for in a potential wife.
Uche Anne summarized the point I was trying to make in that post:
"Women shouldn't wear themselves out trying to be perfect. And this applies in many other areas."

Now, at this point, it's a little challenging for my friend to communicate how she feels because there is just such a disconnect between how her husband perceives her and how she feels. But not only that, it just seems to me that they have a few issues communicating because one of them is not listening and is not putting him/herself into the other person's shoes. There are also a few other issues which I believe is best not to be shared.

Anyhow, hope you all had a nice weekend... I know lol, it's almost the weekend!! Where is time going?
What did we do last weekend?
Friday evening, nothing much, just unwinding. Me falling asleep on the couch while watching some of my fav reality shows as usual while my other half works on his computers (he is an IT guy in case you didn't know).
Most of my Saturday was spent whipping up a huge post of Eru, my hubby's favorite dish (which has also become mine) -- It's Eru/Okazi leaves mixed with spinach, spices, crayfish, cowskin, oxtail, smoked fish and cooked with palm oil, a delight I tell you. We ate it with oat fufu. It's heathier than yam and water fufu. And the rest of the day was spent ermm... **clearing throat** glorifying God by trying to multiply... with a little spice...

And with absolutely no transition...

Next week is Thanksgiving!!! Who is excited to have a day off?? For those of you guys in the US are you all scheduled to work on Friday too? My hubby gets Friday off so on Wednesday evening after he comes from work, we are off for a little road trip and a weekend with family!!! Exciting!!! Food, food, family, more food, music, dancing, laughing and more food!!! And y'all know I'm always excited about cooking right?


Jemima said...

sounds like fun, enjoy :)

MrsNdem said...

Thanks mama! I hope it's going to be!!