Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Invitations -- Did it myself! (pics)

Just like everything else I tried to stick to the royal blue and gold theme and after browsing countless templates and samples invitations, I decided that I could do my own. You probably read somewhere that it is mostly friends and families so I am not trying to have my invites look like you are going to a royalty event since that is not the case lol. I'm on a tight budget...
Anyhow, here is the process and the final results at the end of the post. Enjoy!

So I got gold cardstock from Staples. There was 8 sheet per pack and I got 3 packs. They were regular A4 paper size and I wanted my invitations about 8 per 6. So I cut 3 cards out of each sheet of gold cardstock.

I also bought some ivory linen paper from Staples and typed out what I wanted the invites to say. I typed it into 2 columns, then printed, and cut it to be smaller that the gold card.

Finally I used royal blue satin ribbon to line the invitation wording and slightly larger gold organza ribbon to make a bow at the top of the invitation.

Final result !

My sis and I doing the invitations

I also purchased ivory envelopes from Michaels (the craft store) and I got some gold spray. I sprayed the envelopes with the spray, let it dry for a few seconds, then put the invitations in there with a little RSVP card that directs the guests to our wedding website for RSVP. I close the envelope with a little gold flower with I found where I was not looking for anything like that at Staples. I thought it could be of some use. I will have to add a picture of the final envelope front and back.

 The invitations project took us (my 2 lil sis and I) about 3 evenings (I usually get home from work around 6pm). It was a fun project and I did not feel rushed at all. We came up with about 80 invitations, but we only need to send/give about 50, which are all ready.
I hope this can serve as an inspiration; it does not have to be annoying or time consuming if you planned ahead. I hate to feel stressed out especially knowing that I am doing 90% of the things on my own. So I tried to do most things way ahead of time so I know it's out of the way!


HoneyDame said...

hehhehehe, if i was your sister, I would have run away from home that period...iKid.
I really love your kind of spirit sha

sasi_malia said...

LOL, she and my other sister almost did! But they were very helpful!!

Missy Tee's said...

Wow. Looking through this I kept oh-ing, ah-ing and wow-ing. I love what I see. I shall read be following.. love it.

sasi_malia said...

LOL Missy Tee's, thanks for following sister. Glad to have you here!! Hopefully , I'll be more faithful and post more often!!