Saturday, July 9, 2011

Traditional Wedding Attire - Inspiration (pics)

So before I chose the gold and blue as my theme colors, I was pretty much set on green and brown (green is my favorite color). But as I was constantly searching and browsing for some inspiration, I came across some pictures from a traditional wedding outfits on
Here they are...

Third and Last outfit (Light Gold top and blue lace)
I just thought the combination of colors was so beautiful and elegant that I decided to do something similar for my last outfit. So here is the fabric that I bought from a store owned by a nigerian lady about half an hour from where I live. It was relatively cheap compare to how pretty the lace is (or at least so I thought).

And I purchased a light gold/silver fabric for the top. And would like it to look it something like this (the woman's top of course).

Second outfit: Purple and silver dress
My second outfit inspiration came from browsing the internet and facebook. The fabric I purchased is a purple and silver ankara. I stumbled upon this and I am doing the exact replica. (The lady who is posing is also the designer, she does excellent work, and sells fabrics too. Her website is on the picture and you can also find her on facebook under the same name "T n T Fashions).

Except that the black belt will be silver in my case and I am thinking of not wearing a headtie with this (only with my last oufit), other wise what is the point and paying somebody to do my hair if it's going to be all hidden huh?!)

First Outfit: Green outfit
I purchased a green ankara for my first outfit and I saw the style in which it will be sewn at the tailor's. Not sure if I can find something similar online, but when I go for my trial I'll make sure I take a picture and post it on here. It is a fitting top and a long mermaid style skirt... and I am kinda short of words to correctly describe it. Sorry lol....

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