Friday, June 17, 2011

Blue and Gold

Decorating time!!!
This is the post I promised on my decoration ideas.
Like I explained in the "planning" post under the "venue" info, the Clubhouse where the wedding is taking place is a really pretty and simple medium-sized room with a beautiful balcony which overlooks the community's swimming pool. It does not need to many decorations to be pretty, and also, simple is often prettier and elegant. No visual sensory overload needed, less is sometimes more

My ideas?

The tables at the venue are rectangular and can sit 10 people (1 on each end and 4 lengthwise). Now, I am on a budget... I don't have rich parents, nor am I marrying a rich sugar-daddy. So I am definitely looking at ways to cut on the expenses while still have an simply elegant looking event -- Not platinum! Thus said, instead of renting tablecloths for $7 each for 8 tables, I went for plain white paper tablecloths lined with plastic which I got at Costco for about $7 a pack of 6. Got 2 packs. I had seen the same ones online for $2 each with a choice of my gold color, and I am not sure why I didnt buy it... I might still change my mind and get the gold ones from online.
So on top of the white paper tablecloths goes a beautiful gold table runner bought at $2 each online. I am looking a getting ivory silk calla lilies in a vase filled to 1/3rd with acrylic water (also called illusion water - which I can make at home) lined with blue and gold ribbon. For the vases, I am collecting glass juice bottles (will post picture). I am thinking about 2 flower vases per table.
I was going to do floating candles in a round bowls but nah... I don't want to overwork myself.
I am thinking of having votive candles (lined with blue and gold ribbon as well (2 groups of 3 per tables) and finally spread silk royal blue and gold petals and rocks on the tables.
Now, at each seat on the table, plastic silver-looking silverware with be tied (a fork, a knife and a spoon) with blue and gold organza (see the "Decorated Table: silverware" tab) and will be set on a marina blue personalized napkins that has our names and the wedding date imprinted in gold.
I purchased plastic wine glasses (8oz I believe) in which we will fold blue and gold beverage napkins.
Finally, we will have white chair covers (they are cheaper than color) and gold and royal blue sashes.

To better manage the space inside the room we will set the buffet tables on the balcony and since there are the only ones not meant for sitting, I will get plastic goldish/tan tablecloths that we can use as table skirt. And since the buffet are will be remove from the rest of the action, I am not planning any decorating to it other than the tableskirt. My african people don't care much about that stuff anyways lol!!! If the food is good it is good!!

I am really thinking of not having an honor table because that will pressure me into selection of certain people to seat at that table and I want to avoid frustration at all costs no matter how slight. Instead we will probably have a sweetheart table. A simple square table with a gold tablecloth and table skirt, a vase like the ones on the other tables, floating candle in drinking glasses of various heights lined with ribbons, petals and rocks spread on it. We will set in one corner, next to another table where our closest family member will sit, and not on one end throning and overlooking everybody else... (I don't like that... and he would not like it as well).
Now how do I select family members for that table since most of the guests are family? I think this little trick might work. We will set 2 or 3 tables together to form one loooong table (20 or 30 people) where the closest family members of his side and my side will sit closer to us but every family member would feel included.
Finally a few gold and royal blue balloons outside in front of the venue to welcome everybody should do.

Of course a post like this isn't worth it without pictures right? There are on their way!

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