Saturday, June 11, 2011

A few resources

I would like to share some resources that have tremendously helped me and given me inspiration on how and where to start. We're talking colors, clothing styles and design, picture quality, wedding party outfits, venue decoration and arrangement etc. is the ultimate nigerian fashion website (in my book) and clicking on the "wedding" tab ( ) takes you to hundreds and hundreds of pictures of nigerian celebrities weddings. Simply breathtaking! Before discovering this website I really did not much about nigerian weddings or other african weddings for that matter. I was appaled at the beauty and the creativity in the bridesmaids traditional outfits, the beautiful and elegant headties, the flawless makeup and pictures (God bless PhotoShop!), the classy yet simple decorations and just the way our beautiful african culture is portrayed and upheld (with a touch of pizzazz!). I believe the website started as a blog as well... anyways, please go check the wedding page on every now and then and let yourself be inspired!

The other essential resource is.... Facebook!!! Why? Because depending on how big your network is, you can ultimately browse through hundreds of pictures of regular/normal everyday common citizen's wedding/party pictures and get inspiration for what is realistically doable/pretty/appropriate. My focus what mostly the decoration and the attire and I find myself going back to those pictures of my facebook friends whenever I feel a need to compare, re-inspire myself or simply have fun...

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