Saturday, December 10, 2011

Still around... Mutuashi

Hey all!!!

I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I have been a little quiet and probably will be for a while as I am focusing on a few important things in my personal life. Please pray for me...
I hope you are doing okay. The Almighty is watching over all of you guys as we head towards the end of this year. I pray that you all remain safe and the remainder of the month be filled with all sorts of blessings and good news, in your life and that of your family and friends. Say Amen with me!

I have baked a couple of cakes since I last posted. One that I just got finished making actually, for my little niece's birthday.

My other passion is music. I am very eclectic as it comes to that and love alot of different musical genres. In the past few years I have been re-drawn to African music more than anything. I am completely disconnected from  all the trendy new musical releases other than what plays on the radio which I randomly happy to listen to. Anyhow, it's almost been like a rebirth to me, music-wise and even in the way that I dress (a lot more ankara styles and the likes) and decorate: everything ethnic and African.

On this note, let me introduce some of my culture to you. Here are two of my favorite songs (and videos) by one of my favorite Congolese singer. For those who do not know, this is Tshala Muana, the queen of Mutuashi (a particular congolese dance that involves mostly moving the hips). She was very famous in the past decades as she turned foreign officials heads in concerts all over western, central and eastern/southern Africa with her winding hips. As she has gotten older, she has kind of "calmed down" a little bit. She sings mostly in Tshiluba (one of the main languages in Congo, which I do not speak or understand lol), and some french and lingala (the main lingua franca for communication).

The title of this song is "Sikila"

Now let me show you some more traditional versions of the same dance... truly  and absolutely African, beautiful!

For the story Mutuashi is mastered mainly by men (in the traditional way of dancing it), and I cannot describe how these men move their hips, you just have to see it.

** The main dancer is a female but the rest of the crew dancing in the back are men, I couldn't find a video with just men dancing that was worth putting up**

And the last video, it's a little long and the real dancing starts at minute 5:40, so you can start watching at that time if you want.
** Click here if nothing shows up, it's been giving me a little bit of a hard time **

For the little story, most traditional dances in Congo involve the hips. Maybe I'll share something more urban and trendy in another post!

Have a blessed week-end!!

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