Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inspiration Wedding Cake #1

I thought to myself since I have been inspired this weekend to blog a little bit, why not just keep going while it lasts?

So, I have decided that you might be craving for a little piece of heaven. After thinking that particular thought, another closely related thought crossed my mind? Who better could offer you, at this very present moment, that little bit of ohhh so smooth and moist velvety sweetness? Then, something lit up in my usually-sharp-but-lately-very-jelloed brain. ME!!!!! Of course, me!!!

Look at this pic? Can you find the object of our interest?

Good job!!! You got it!!

Let's not play easy here, let me present a few facts before I let you salivate.

Fact #1   I love baking

Fact #2   I love decorating the cakes I bake

Fact #3   No, but seriously though, I have high hopes of being able to open my own cake business (from home) hopefully very soon, once I feel my decorating skills are worthy enough to be making money off of it and once I have a solid base of friends and friends of friends who have seen or tasted my cakes.
I have always wanted to work for me, clock me in clock me out, pay me, review me, promote me... lol you get the picture. But I have just recently realized that in addition to this, I do NOT like being employed, as in waiting for a paycheck, calculating my hours, and having my personal life revolved around somebody else's business or company... And that's not good because that can potentially make me a not-so-good employee and turn me into a clock-watcher which I absolutely despise.

Fact #4 Uhm... I went off track with Fact #3. Anyhow. I have made an engagement cake before but it was a surprise gift so the cake was not requested or expected therefore even though I wanted to do a good job, there wasn't the pressure of doing what was asked and even more. I have made 2 birthday cakes. I am now waiting for the right occasion, or somebody to request a baby shower and/or a wedding cake. Uhmm... the wedding cake will be a challenge, more because of the word "wedding" itself than anything else.

Fact #5 While waiting for the opportunity to present itself, I thought I should inspire myself with designs that I could use on a wedding cake. My intention is to make a series of inspiration wedding cakes that I could just present into a portfolio format at some point.

Red velvet and cheesecakes are my favorite cakes so unless nobody request something different, that's what I make.
It turns out that my sister-in-law, the mother of my little niece for whom I was making the Little Girl's Pink Birthday Cake shares my taste so thats what I made.
*Cheesecake factory anyone? Have you tried their red velvet cheesecake cake?*

I made this mini-cake which is a replica (in taste) of the above-mentioned birthday cake, just so I can have an exact taste of what people will taste, eating that birthday cake (sorry for the redundancy). Basically it's my "control cake" and will let me know how it all tastes the next day, the 2nd or 3rd day, how moist it stays and how well the flavors remain and blend a few days later.

So this is a Red Velvet Vanilla Lemon Curd Cheesecake Cake.

With no further additions let me introduce to you Inspiration Wedding Cake #1

It has 3 layers of red velvet cake, one layer of vanilla cheesecake and one layer of lemon curd.

This was an absolute piece of heaven and I was really, I mean really pleasantly surprised. It was moist, almost spongy and almost melted on my tongue. The lemon and the cheesecake flavors complimented each other really well and it was richly sweet without being too sweet, or tasting too "fatty" or "buttery".

Hope you liked it (at least the sight of it!!)


Nekky said...

Yum, yum , yummie. You are a profi you know.

MrsNdem said...

LOL not sure I'm there yet, but learning, learning...

Mikki said...

So i am at work cruisng through your blog (To catch up *wink*) and I stumble on this...

My supervisor stops by my desk and a huge growl rips through the silence.

I blame this post..