Monday, February 6, 2012

Nice to see you again on this other side!

I know.... I know... It's been a long time off for me from Blogsville.

First of, I would like to say Happy New Year 2012 to all of you guys, fellow bloggers, followers and random readers!! I have missed you dearly!
During this long absence there was so many things I wanted to blog about, but little time. And I also have to admit that my mind was focused on many things and pulled in so many different directions...

My husband and I (and my family in general) had been going through a very rough time (not in our marriage thanks God!) and last year, as I was blogging I was also trying to keep pulling myself out of the blues... this mood into which we sometimes get, where everything looks and seems so blurry with no sorts of exits. Anyways I am a happy and bubbly person in general but there are just those times...
And sometimes you just have to get angry and say enough is enough! For me it was a spiritual decision and I decided to enter the new year in a spirit of heightened focus and attention on God, and take a step back from my regular life.

Anyways, all I can tell you is that God listens and talks back. Sometimes we are just too busy to hear or to even pay attention. Plus how can we hear when we are not connected on a regular, consistent basis?
Also certain situations can only be broken through prayer AND fasting, where it's not about not eating food, it's about devoting a lot of that time that we take worrying about eating (cooking, thinking of what to cook/eat/carry out) and enjoying the satisfying feeling we get from physical food to seek spiritual nourishment. Also, that physical discomfort (hunger pains) just like any other type of uncomfortable situation puts us in a condition of heightened awareness of the presence of God (when we pair it with praying, praising and reading the Word). It's the truly the key to many breakthrough as mentioned in the Bible and as evidenced by many testimonies of people around the world.

Now let me tell you. I am not a "fanatic" Christian ooo. Although I do have daily devotions, I only go to church on Sunday (and not even every Sunday) and that's pretty much it. I am just that regular girl next door, who is struggling to become a good Christian with a consistent walk with Christ. I know I get lazy when it comes to praying and reading the Bible, but this fast was a true renewal for me. I have experienced God like I never did in my life before and within the first week of fasting 3 top priority prayer topic which were responsible for that awful time that we had were answered. How? I don't know. Everything just fell into place. Just like that!
My dear friends, let's make sure that we stand firm on that Rock. He is truly a shield and a fortress and the helping hand in times of need.

Alright, how is that new year treating you guys sofar? Any great things has happened yet? Anything exciting? any life changing event?

Anyways, I am glad that we all made it to 2012. I pray that you have a blessed year. I pray that God's watchful hands be over you and that his wings cover and protect you. I pray that you be the head and never the tail in anything you decide to put your mind to, whether it's work or a hobby or a major decision. I pray that you be blessed in the morning when you wake up and in the evening when you lay to sleep. I pray your household never lack any good thing. Overall I pray that you experience the sweetness of the embrace of God.

Nice to see you again on this other side!!!


Okeoghene said...

Amen to all your prayers and Happy New Year to you too. God is ever faithful and you rightly said when we are not tuned to Him, it is difficult to hear him when He speaks. Thank God He leveled that mountain causing you grief.

Mikki said...

Welcome back Mrs. Ndem. We missed you!!
Thank God for answered prayers. They chall be permanent in Jesus name! Amen

Have a happy New year dear!

Dame Sting said...

Welcome and happy new year. I have thought about you and even went to your food blog yesterday. Glad things are looking up.

Destiny - Yankeenaijachick + Success said...

was just writing about how prayer changes stuff on my facebook wall., keep praying, you are on the right track. Happy New Year 2012..missed you.

Missy Tee's said...

Welcome back Sasi. Good to have you back. You sure have been missed. And I definitely agree with you- When we talk to God, He talks right back but sometimes we are wayyy to busy and bugged out by ourselves that we don't hear his response. Thank God luv!.

Jemima said...

Welcome back and happy new year, yes its always good to commit the new year to god with fasting and praying, works all the time!

MrsNdem said...

@Okeoghene, thank you dear. Yes what seemed like mountains were a little pile of dust to Him. Happy NY to you and your family as well.

@Mikki, Aww, thank you. I missed you too. I saw the sweet comment you left on my inspiration wedding cake post. Thank you lol. Tell your boss I'm sorry... ;-)

@Dame Sting, Happy NY to you ooo. Man, it will take we ages to catch with your blog, miss new post every other day ehn? How do you get all that inspiration and still keep our attention? LOL. I have accumulated more food pictures and recipes, just havent posted yet. My food blog is also kind of on hold because I'm trying to get a professional camera to have a better quality of pictures. Anyways, Thanks dear! How this new semester?

Adede said...

Welcome back!!! The post is beyond encouraging!! Thank you!! GOD is your strength in everything

martha said...

welcome back and a happy new year to you too.amen to all the prayers and we thank God for the new found strength and grace he has given you.

MrsNdem said...

@Destiny, so nice of you. Yes prayer changes situations, truly! I like the new design of your blog!

@Missy Tee, I have missed you too ooo. It's good to be back. You all are so nice!!

@Jemima, I tell you, thats one of the best things I have ever done!

@Adede, Thank you ooo. You are absolutely right but sometimes we kinda forget how good of a fortress He is to us, if we let Him be.

@Martha, you know my lil sis and you share the same name? I don't know too many Marthas' lol. Thanks for the nice words :-)